1MW By UMO Design

Design Literacy Program by UMO Design School  

A design-focused approach is the need of the hour. Whether you are a professional or a student, it is recommended to delve into the world of design and understand its impact on your work and product quality.

UMO Design’s Design Literacy Program is designed for colleges, organizations, universities, and individuals, imparts crucial design fundamentals. After completion, you can immediately apply design principles in your work or opt for a certification course.

Who is it For?  


Whether you’re in a technical or non-technical field, this program caters to students seeking a comprehensive understanding of design principles. 

Engineering Colleges

Tailored for engineering colleges, the program enriches the design perspective so that the students go on to become tech professionals with design understanding. 

Organizations Seeking Design Awareness

Perfect for organizations looking to foster design sensitivity and literacy among their teams. 

Management Students and Colleges

Ideal for management students wanting to integrate design thinking into their strategic approach. 

Professionals in Non-Design Technical Fields

Suited for professionals in technical fields seeking to enhance their design-oriented skills and perspectives. 

Professionals from Non-Technical Fields

Open to professionals from non-technical backgrounds who wish to explore the transformative power of design in their respective fields. 

Design Enthusiasts

Deepen your design understanding and join a community of like-minded individuals and fuel your passion for design through hands-on projects, expert talks, and personalized mentoring.

Anyone Interested in Learning Design

Beginners and novices who want to unlock the world of design thinking, user experience, and more.

Learning Model


2 - 3 Hours


On-site / Hybrid / Online


₹100 INR / $10 USD


Course Completion Certificate


Beginners (New to Design)

Design Specialized Courses You Can Start Learning After Design Literacy Program 

The aim of the design literacy program is not only to prepare you for UX Design Certifications and jobs. While it is crucial for understanding the importance of design and how to perceive it, we recommend obtaining a certification or degree once you have your basics clear.

Today, design is not limited to just graphic or visual design. You can explore various design streams, including Industrial Design, Architecture Design, Interior Design, UI Design, Typeface Design, Instructional Design, Packaging Design, and more. Each stream’s certification builds upon the design fundamentals covered in design literacy, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve with a strong foundation. The possibilities are limitless.

UX Design
UI Design
Visual Design
Product Design
Motion Design
Industrial Design
Typeface Design
Data Visualization Design
Fashion Design
Service Design
Environmental Design
Architecture Design
Instructional Design
Exhibition Design
Game Design
Brand Design
Interior Design
Packaging Design
Sound Design
Interaction Design

+ Many More

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Design Grads

Women designers can join 1MW to lend their skills to the aspiring designers and help them become professionals through following activities: 


  1. Opt for the job guarantee plan and receive a full refund if you don’t get placed within six months after certification.
  2. Get certified at UXINDIA24 in Hyderabad, the world’s largest conglomeration of the UX Design Community.
  3. Receive personalized guidance and support with a dedicated mentor, coach, buddy, and exposure to the UMO Design Community of 90,000 members.

Design Certifications

Choose any of the UMO Design School Certification courses to elevate your design skills and become job ready through a hands-on program. 


  1. Become job-ready in the UX Design industry through an elaborate learning approach designed by top design leaders.
  2. Learn ethical and accessible design to become a designer who cares about empowering communities.
  3. Gain exposure among the 90,000 members of the UMO Design Community.


Participate in the biggest design conference in the world. Learn from the top design leaders and showcase your work among the global design community. 


  1. Meet and plan collaborations with designers visiting from around the world.
  2. Showcase your work as a speaker, workshop leader, or presenter.
  3. Gain first-hand experience of the latest developments in the UX Design industry and emerging technologies and tools.

Design X Social

Explore the untapped possibilities in which design becomes a stalwart companion in our quest for social good. Through this contest, we aim to delve deep into how design can be leveraged for social good, exploring new avenues. 


  1. Gain a casual understanding of AI and its growing influence in design
  2. Top three entries get free entry to UXINDIA24, where they can showcase their work
  3. Highlight the certificate in your resume and increase your job prospects

Post Literacy Program Mentorship

Upon completing the Design Literacy program at UMO, the learning journey continues through our dedicated mentorship. Enjoy continuous learning with access to free resources crafted by design experts. Stay in the loop with regular updates on industry events and conferences. Our mentorship program is designed to address and solve your design doubts and queries, ensuring ongoing support as you delve deeper into the dynamic world of design. Embrace a community-driven approach to learning, fostering growth and excellence in your design endeavors. 

This mentorship offers: 

Continuous Learning Support

Free Resources

Personalized Guidance

Community-Driven Learning Environment