1MW By UMO Design


These are some testimonials from professionals who love 1MW.

My suggestion to all female students would be to believe in their talent, education and aspirations to excel in this field. They should have a mindset that learning never stops and no knowledge or training ever goes to waste. Lastly, always lead by example and not by comparison or peer pressure. 

Priti Saini

Directort - Experience Design Lowcode, LTMIndtree

The knowledge and skills I learned at UMO Design School are shaping my future career as a designer, giving me the tools I need to succeed in the professional design field. 

Ankita Chandavarkar

Associate UX Designer, Happening Design Studio

Joining 1MW, I hope to access valuable learning opportunities, professional development resources, and mentorship programs tailored specifically for women in design. Overall, I believe 1MW will provide a platform for women to succeed and shape the future of design.

Sanika Awati  

Student, BDes, Symbiosis Institute of Design  

Technology has certainly changed the game, but the essence of design remains rooted in creativity and problem-solving. Embracing new tools while maintaining the core principles of design is key to staying relevant and successful in an ever-changing landscape.

Azmina Poddar

Managing Director, Accenture Song

My association with UXINDIA has connected me with the UX community and opened up new possibilities for me within the field. It has helped me grow and further my passion for the subject. Interacting with people has also expanded my knowledge on the matter. 

Krishaa Ravishankar 

UX Intern, BSH India 

My experience as a volunteer at UX India was incredibly rewarding. It provided me with the opportunity to meet and interact with a diverse group of professionals. I was able to learn from the expertise of the speakers I introduced, and the hands-on involvement deepened my appreciation for the intricacies of organizing large-scale industry events. 

Nishi Banka 

Senior UX Designer, Altimetrik 

Under the mentorship at UMO School, I gained more than just technical skills. I learned about effective communication and industry. His mentorship significantly contributed to my growth as a design professional, giving me a well-rounded understanding essential in the dynamic UX field.

Kalyani Vangara 

Intern, UMO Design  

My passion for empowering women in the design industry has led me to actively support the Women in Design conference that UMO hosts every year. Through these diverse involvements and contributions, I’ve forged a deep and meaningful connection with UMO Design and its community, driven by a shared dedication to advancing the field of design through collaboration, learning, and inclusivity. 

Natalie Valsangkar

UX Designer, Kylas Growth Engine

My experience as a volunteer was very wholesome from a human connection perspective and holistic in terms of applying oneself operationally. We were all urged to take up ownership and the open environment to speak our mind and share ideas made everything better. 

Yastika Shetty  

Sr. Experience Designer, Publicis Sapient